Finding the Right Size - How to Buy Mugs for Your Coffee Brewing System

Have you ever purchased a single-serving coffee brewing system, only to find when you got home that your favorite mug didn't fit?

With the ever-growing popularity of one-cup brewing systems from companies such as Keurig® and Nespresso®, it's important to take note of the maximum cup height and capacities for each machine so you can purchase mugs accordingly.

Here are the maximum capacities for Keurig® and Nespresso® machines, as well as cup sizes they will accommodate:

Keurig® K10 Mini Plus Brewing System

Capacity: With the Keurig® Mini brewing system, you can choose to brew 6oz., 8oz. or 10oz. of coffee per K-Cup. Some premium models will brew up to 12oz. of liquid.

Cup Height: The maximum cup or mug height for a small Keurig® is 5"-5.25". The drip tray at the bottom is removable to provide a little extra room for your mug or travel mug.

Recommended Mugs for Keurig®: At Könitz, we offer only the highest-quality porcelain mugs for your tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Our thick-walled cups keep your beverage warm and are stain and chip-resistant. 

Here are our favorite Könitz coffee mugs that will fit your Keurig® machine:

Nespresso® Inissia


Capacity: Because the Nespresso® is an espresso brewing machine, the amount of liquid returned is very small. There are two choices of beverage size (at factory settings): Espresso, which is 1.3 ounces, and Lungo, which is 3.7 ounces. 

Cup Height: The maximum cup height for a Nespresso® machine is 3.25". You'll probably have trouble fitting any regular mug underneath!

Recommended Cups for Nespresso®: We recommend choosing a style from our Coffee Bar Collection. Coffee Bar includes espresso cups, cappuccino cups, and latte mugs. At 2.25" high and 2oz., our classic white espresso cup is the perfect choice.

Here are our favorite coffee and espresso cups to fit your Nespresso® machine: